Make Your Neighbors Jealouswith a New Home Theatre System
published onAugust 10, 2011

Have you ever walked into a home where everything looks like it just fell out of a paint sample catalog at Lowe’s? Or maybe it just looks someone’s wife is an interior designer. Everything coordinates. The furniture looks like it was custom built for the room. And is that a mini-fridge in the master bedroom?? Sweet.

At JD Pro, we understand. We know why it matters if your neighbors’ flat screen HDTV is two inches bigger than yours (even if, no, especially if, his living room is 10-square-feet larger). We know about those sighs of relief when the NFL lock-out ended.

And we know you want people to say “wow” when you bring them into your basement home theatre to watch the latest Transformers flick on Blu-ray.

That Wow factor is what a professional home theater installer can bring to your space rather than hanging your flat screen yourself or going to your local big box retailer.

We can create custom edges for an LED screen to match the look of any room. We can hide components in an equipment closet with the proper cooling equipment and air flow so they’re safe and sound and out of view. We’ll establish optimal viewing angles for the screen, use neat cable management systems to hide the wires, and program your remote. If you choose, the right remote can make your friends and neighbors say Wow. LED backlighting for easy viewing in the dark, one-touch operation for key functions, and an ergonomic design. It can do everything but jump into your lap when you think abut changing the channel.

And you haven’t even turned on the screen yet. If the look of your new media room doesn’t impress everyone, whole home control that can dim the lights, turn on the HDTV and select the source automatically with the touch of one pre-set button, will. When it’s time for a popcorn break, press a button and enough lights come up to make your way to your basement bar. It doesn’t get any better than this.

In addition to installing custom home theatre systems in multimillion dollar homes, we have more than a decade experience in designing and building custom audio video and control systems for commercial venues. We make party people all over New York say, “Wow.” Doesn’t your home theatre space deserve the same treatment?