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How To Maximize Your Restaurant Sound System

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Many restauranteurs understand the key role that music plays in creating an inviting experience for guests. After all, dining and entertainment have been a loyal pair for centuries. But did you know that the music you play within your eatery can also affect your bottom line? Not only does music engage your customers, but it also impacts the way they spend time and money with you.

Get more out of the music you play in your Tri-State Area restaurant with a multizone commercial sound system and a solid music strategy. Read more to learn how you can effectively use your restaurant sound system to attract the right patrons, influence buying behavior, and improve customer service.

Attract Your Target Audience

Think of the types of customers you wish to attract to your eatery. A restaurant owner who runs a casual family-style restaurant will have a different target audience than a restaurant owner who runs an intimate fine-dining bistro. The music you play helps establish your brand and sets the tone for your customers when they arrive.

For instance, a family-style restaurant may want to play the latest pop hits to capture and engage a wider audience. In contrast, an intimate bistro may want to play jazz or classical music to attract an audience that desires a more sophisticated or classy dining experience.

Influence Customer Behavior

The type of music you choose and the volume at which you play it greatly affects how your customers spend their time and money with you. Research shows that up-tempo music encourages customers to eat faster, which can help improve turnover. Fast-paced music is great for fast-service restaurants and bars that strive to keep turnover high.

For high-end restaurants, slow-tempo music facilitates conversation and relaxation. It also encourages patrons to spend more time at their table and, as a result, spend more money on drinks and courses. Rather than booking it home after dinner, they may stick around to enjoy dessert, order an after-dinner cocktail, and bask in the calm and upscale ambiance of your eatery.

The volume also influences the experience within your restaurant. Research shows that when your music is too loud, it can impair your guests’ sense of taste. Likewise, music that’s too low can be easily drowned out by ambient noise and create an unsettling atmosphere. No matter the songs you choose to play, keep the volume medium-low so that your guests can converse at a normal level while enjoying the music.

Spend More Time With Guests

Once you decide on the right music strategy for your restaurant, controlling it should be simple so that you and your staff can spend less time fiddling with technology and more time tending to customers. Our team at Dara AV can implement a customized multizone sound system that’s easy for you and your staff to operate from one centralized touch panel.

Play high-quality audio through strategically placed speakers that stay out of sight while evenly distributing music from corner to corner of your restaurant. Playlist selection and volume control live within the same platform, so music operation is quick and to the point. Whether you want to keep the music selection the same or select a different playlist for different zones, such as the patio or bathrooms, you can craft the ideal musical ambiance with just a few taps on your touch panel.

Maximize the power of your restaurant’s sound system to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales. Dara AV can equip your commercial property with the latest audio solutions that offer high-performance sound and intuitive multizone control. To learn more about our services, connect with us here or call us to speak with a team member today.

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