New Year, New Audio Video Systems?
published onDecember 30, 2011

How well do the audio video systems in your Staten Island, New York restaurant, nightclub, bar contribute to your New Year’s celebration? Are you offering people something better than they can get on a 70-inch plasma screen in their New York apartment? Do your audiovisual systems do more than just share information or show sporting events and other special TV broadcasts, like the New Year’s Eve ball dropping in Times Square? Does the technology in your hospitality venue really tell your customers, “You’re somewhere special right now”?

You can definitely host an enjoyable New Year’s Eve party without the latest in audio, video and control technology. We’re not saying you can’t. But times are tough and New Yorkers are being really careful about where they spend their dollars. You can gain the leading edge by giving your customers an experience they will want to share with their friends — something they’ll think about for years to come, something that, quite honestly, shows you care about them and want to give them a night to remember.

The clock is ticking down to 2012. Your party’s planned, and right now you want to focus on making sure your speakers, screens and sources are all operating properly. But it’s not too late to think about raising the bar on your customers’ experience next year. From digital signage to techorating — where your video screens, lighting and other technology elements become part of your venue’s decor — to control systems that let your bartender customize the experience for your customers quickly and easily, it’s all possible in 2012. And we can work with you to help make it affordable, too.

Use your imagination. Visualize the possibilities. And then talk to an audio video integrator to help execute your dream.

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Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success and prosperity in 2012, from your friends at JD Systems.