Prepping Your Audio Video Systems for Super Bowl Sunday
published onFebruary 5, 2016

Is your sports bar ready for Super Bowl 50 this Sunday? You’re stocked up with beer and hot wings. You’ve announced your specials. Maybe you’ve even put up some decorations for a festive atmosphere.

Filling seats during the game isn’t usually a problem for sports bars and restaurants in the New York area. The goal is creating such a high quality experience that your customers will all return next season – and for all the sports in between!

This Sunday, as the Broncos face off against the Panthers in Super Bowl 50, you’re probably expecting some of your biggest crowds of the year. It’s important to give your audio visual systems a test run before the game.

Audio System Check-Up

Are all the speakers, subs, and amps working so there are no dead spots of sound? A dead speaker could be something as simple as a loose wire, or you might have a blown amplifier. If you’re not sure, your audio visual systems specialist should be available to help you troubleshoot.

Are the speaker volumes set at the right level to prevent distortion?

Can people order drinks at the bar without having to scream?

If you’ve brought in a DJ or Emcee for the big event, is that system working properly?

Does your staff know how to turn specific zones of audio on and off, or change the volume, as needed? You may want to give your staff a quick review on Sunday afternoon before the crowds start pouring in.

Video System Review

Do all the screens work?

Are the cable boxes working and tuned to the right channel? Do you have a second source, such as DirecTV, in case cable goes out in your area?

Are the screens clean? You don’t want to see fingerprints on screens – which can happen if they are hung at eye level where kids can touch them.

If you have digital signage or video menu boards, are they displaying the right messages at the right time?

Are wires visible? Hanging wires scream “sloppy audio video installation,” and while people aren’t likely to notice during the height of Super Bowl excitement, it’s something to think about after the game. A little wire management can go a long way. You do want to make sure there are no wires hanging where someone (that is, a drunk customer) can pull on them and knock out service to that screen. A dead screen (and angry customers) is the last thing you want on Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s All in the Details

Taking care of these fine details can help prevent an audio video catastrophe during the big game Sunday evening. It’s also a good time to think about audio video upgrades you may want to make for next year’s game, or to prepare for the upcoming sports seasons.

As you take a look at the systems in your sports bar or restaurant, consider if you have any aging gear that might need replacement, 720p HD screens that are due for an upgrade, or a control system that offers zoned audio and iPad control to make it easier for your staff to give your customers the experience they want – and expect – in today’s sports bars.

How’d It Go?

Make sure to catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter and share photos from your Super Bowl Sunday celebration after the game. Did your audio video systems meet the challenge? Or is it time to start thinking about what you can do to improve for next year?  We’d love to help.