5 Ways to Set Your Restaurant Sound and Video Apart for Outdoor Dining
published onJuly 23, 2020
DIstrict Restaurant - Staten Island Sound and Video by Dara AV

District Bar NYC outside deck gives Staten Islanders a place to gather safely during Covid. New Jersey restaurants will re-open for indoor dining. Wait, now the governor says they must stay closed “indefinitely” through the pandemic. New York restaurant owners fear our governor will follow suit if coronavirus cases increase. Not to mention, many guests still don’t feel comfortable dining indoors.

Many New York and New Jersey restaurant owners are, understandably, concerned about the future and looking for ways to remain profitable this summer. As our states progress through the stages of reopening, many restaurants are working on revamping their patios and outdoor dining areas.

Even though many Staten Island restaurants and sports bar have opened for business inside, (and will, hopefully, remain open) social distancing constraints could force your restaurant to operate at half-capacity.

You can increase usable space by looking at outside patios, decks, and sidewalks. But you want to make al fresco dining as enticing as sitting at the bar or a booth inside. Restaurant sound and video is just as important to your guests outside as it is to those dining indoors.

By installing your new systems now, you’ll be ready to attract customers through the fall – even if we experienced the dreaded “second wave” of the pandemic or if indoor dining shuts down again.

Don’t try to survive on take-out and delivery profits alone.

Get ready for summer al fresco dining with restaurant audio and video systems that sound and look great, withstand the elements, and don’t disturb your neighbors. Consider these factors as you think about what you need in restaurant sound and video systems for your outdoor dining areas.

Sound Containment to Meet Local Ordinances and Keep Your Neighbors Happy

Sound containment becomes a major issue when retrofitting patios and sidewalks for dining and entertainment. Even if you aren’t going all-out with multiple screens showing game replays (or, eventually, summer sports) or live music entertainment, you’ll want high-quality music service for ambiance.

Making sure that sound doesn’t bleed onto neighboring streets – or even into that boutique next store – can help you avoid complaints or citations. Proper tuning and speaker placement can ensure your guests hear the audio the way they want, while still being able to carry on a conversation.

Acoustical treatments around the patio or deck may also help mitigate noise, as can decorate elements like sunshades or umbrellas. Proper audio design, coupled with the right products, can help keep the sound on your property where it belongs.

High-Quality Restaurant Sound to Overcome Background Noise

Just as you want to keep your music within the confines of your dining area, you don’t want your guests’ experience marred by outside noise.

Within a restaurant, unwanted sound from HVAC systems, ice makers, and espresso machines can make conversation difficult if you haven’t focused on proper acoustics. Likewise, the chatter of conversation can distract from music or game-time if you haven’t tuned your system properly and set the appropriate volume levels.

But outside diners and waitstaff may have to contend with passing traffic, airplanes, sirens, and other street noise. These sounds can be louder (and less predictable) than the ambient noise inside your restaurant.

High-quality audio systems can overcome at least some of the disruptive noise to create a more pleasant al fresco dining experience.

Durable Sound Systems Able to Withstand the Elements

Of course, outdoor audio systems present different challenges than indoor background music. Your speakers must be in weather-resistant enclosures and able to withstand temperatures in our region. Just as you wouldn’t put television screens from Best Buy in your commercial venue, you don’t want to use indoor speakers outside.

For an outstanding background music system that can bring a Vegas vibe to your Jersey Shore restaurant deck, patio or sidewalk, Dara AV often chooses the Klipsch Compact Performance Series or the Community Professional R or W Series. Community is a local New Jersey brand that offers three lines of outdoor speakers to fit your needs and budget. Dara AV can put together a system that works for you.

Video Systems that Stand Out

If you want to give your outdoor diners a similar experience to what they’d enjoy inside your venue, video completes the atmosphere. Screens and projectors can present unique challenges outdoors due to ambient light and mounting points for projection system hardware.

For outdoor applications, you need a bright LED or QLED that is also weather-resistant. Peerless and Sunbrite both offer high-quality commercial screens that perform well in high-ambient light conditions.

If you have more than a few bucks to spend, consider direct-view LEDs from brands like Christie. These video walls often have invisible bezels to fit together seamlessly and are designed for outdoor viewing.

Of course, screen placement and line-of-sight considerations help ensure all your patrons can see the content if they want.

Integrate It All with the Best Control Systems

Don’t forget that you’ll want us to connect your outdoor restaurant sound and video to the control systems inside your venue. Authorized staff should be able to pre-set audio levels, adjust volume and audio content on the fly, and change sources on any screen seamlessly from a touch screen or mobile device.

Let Dara AV Help

Wiring your outdoor venue for the best restaurant sound and video may require some creative thinking. With 15+ years of experience delivering the best audio and video systems to restaurants and sports bars across New York and New Jersey, Dara AV can help you weather this pandemic and deliver a superior experience to all your guests.

Contact us today to outfit your New York or New Jersey restaurant with outdoor audio and video systems to help you keep patrons – and profits – rolling in.