Retailers: Go “Back to School” with New Audio Video Systems
published onJune 1, 2012

Three months ahead. In the retail industry, especially clothing retailers, stock starts changing three months out. (I know this because my wife came home with a new pair of sandals the other night and told me they were on clearance… at least, that’s what she said.)

That means it’s a good time to start thinking about merchandising for fall, and soon after that, the holiday season, which also means it’s a great time to start thinking about upgrading your store’s audio video systems in preparation for your biggest sales months.

Okay, we’re biased here, but we think it’s always a good time to start thinking about audio video upgrades, but imagine it:

It’s August, sweltering heat. The back-to-school moms and kids enter your air conditioned oasis, greeted by a faint scent that calls to mind paper, apples, pumpkin spice and all the scents of autumn and back-to-school. The moms are drawn to the color coordinated merchandise on the perfectly spaced racks. But the kids’ eyes immediately lock on to the 50-inch screens streaming a custom YouTube channel of all their favorite music. The songs envelope them, but it’s not so loud that the parents can’t think, compare prices, talk to each other.

Uninterrupted, the moms shop for hours, disappearing amidst the clothing racks, and, when it’s done and they’re handing your their credit card, they just feel good. It was a stress-free shopping experience and now the kids are singing. No one wants to leave.

Times Square Comes to New Jersey, Staten Island… or Anywhere

This is the atmosphere you find in high-end, Times Square retail shops. But today’s technology puts it within reach of every store owner, from a mom-and-pop shop to a smaller storefront within a larger chain. A few screens. Distributed, zoned audio. Digital signage. All controlled through Crestron and connected to your IT network for streaming from the Web.

It’s so easy to use, the part-time college student summer help can figure out which buttons to press (tell them it’s just like texting), but the effect on your customers is nearly magical.

Good marketing and merchandising involves creating an ambiance that appeals to all your senses. We’ve got you covered with sight and sound. You know the rest.