RGB LED Lighting: The Right Choice for Earth Week
published onApril 22, 2011

It’s Earth Week, and homes and businesses across the Staten Island area are looking for ways to cut costs and reduce energy consumption. Once again, JD Pro leads the way, by signing on as an authorized dealer of energy-efficient, custom LED lighting solutions from RGB.

Since its inception, LED lighting has been recognized as an environmentally friendly lighting solution for home and commercial applications. In addition to reducing energy costs, LED lights are safer for the environment. They don’t produce any IR or UV rays, and they are mercury-free, unlike CFLs.

Now, as the technology drops in price, LED lighting is gaining popularity as a cost-effective solution for New York based churches, businesses and New York tri- state area residents.

LED Lighting for Home and Commercial Applications

RGB Lights provides color-changing LEDs, white LEDs, and the innovative, patent pending FlexiFlex lighting for home and commercial customers. Color-changing LED lights provide the utmost flexibility to set the mood in churches, and JD Pro is proud to offer this option to our customers.

RGB and JD: Perfect Together

RGB products, which include Philips ColorKinetics products, Optiled, and FlexiFlex, are the perfect complement to the existing lines of high-quality audiovisual and lighting components we offer here at JD Pro. Contact us while there’s still time to celebrate Earth Week by upgrading the lighting systems in your home or commercial venue.