Samsung Smart TV: How It’s Different
published onAugust 31, 2011

Your dream home theater is nearly complete. You’ve picked out the most comfy chairs, a solid wood cabinet that provides the proper airflow to all the important audio video components, but now you’re thinking about upgrading your older HDTV model to one of the new Samsung Smart TVs or another brand of internet television.

Many HDTVs have potential to connect your TV to the internet via your home wireless network. By doing this, you get, essentially, a super-large-screen computer monitor. An internet TV provides the same functionality as a computer: surf the Web, visit your favorite blogs and read them on 46 inches of full color HD imagery, and enter text via your remote control. (It’s kind of like using your cell phone for browsing the Web or text messaging).

A Samsung Smart TV takes it a few steps further. Let’s say you’re looking for last week’s episode of your favorite TV show. One command lets you search:

  • across the Web
  • Online movie subscription services
  • through your entire social network, including YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Not sure what you want to watch? Samsung Smart TV will offer choices based on your past viewing choices and show ratings.

They Have Apps

Applications designed specifically for Samsung Smart TV make it easier to seamlessly browse and interact with Facebook and Twitter, download and play games, and find unique, fun, interactive content.

It’s all about integration in today’s home theatres, and your HDTV, of course, is a crucial choice in determining exactly what your home audio video system can do for you.