Samsung’s New Clear Display Can Run on Solar Power
published onJanuary 4, 2012

Samsung will be hauling home quite a collection of International CES 2012 Innovation Awards in a variety of product categories, from laptops to hard drives, tablets to cell phones and (our favorites) home theater and pro video gear.

Award-winning Samsung Flat Screen

Samsung has earned its reputation as an innovator in the field of flat screen display technology, and is also known as an eco-conscious company. The new Samsung LTI460AP01 Transparent Liquid Crystal Display combines these two strengths in a clear flat screen that is energy efficient and can even run on solar power stored in a battery. The display earned one of four Eco-Design Awards Samsung will receive at International CES 2012.

It’s Clear: This Technology is Something to Talk About

Imagine: turn what looks like a regular window into your home theatre system with one touch to your remote control. Or create the ultimate digital signage display right on the cooler door in your convenience store or pizza place. Create interactive window displays that will stop foot traffic on New York City sidewalks. These are just a few of the applications we’ll be seeing in 2012 using the Samsung Transparent LCD screen. It sounds like science fiction, but the future is here, right now.

Samsung Transparent LCD Specs

The see-through flat panel is available in sizes starting at 22 inches diagonal, and uses less power than traditional plasma, LED or LCD HDTVs. The screen can also run on solar power harnessed during daylight hours and stored in a battery in the unit.

The panels are ultra-thin, making them suitable for most applications where regular glass would be used for windows in home or retail locations, commercial freezer and cooler doors, and on vending machines.

Where and When?

Samsung will showcase the transparent LCD screens at the International CES Show January 10 – 13, 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and at an exclusive press conference just prior to the trade show. (Wish we could be there, but too much work to do for our customers here in New York!)

But keep an eye out for this technology to begin appearing in offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and other locations that want to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Or consider being the first in your New York neighborhood to sport Samsung’s HD LCD window display.