Should You Upgrade to a Blu-RayHome Theatre System For Your Kids?
published onFebruary 9, 2011

Have you been thinking about upgrading to a Blu-Ray home theatre system? If you have kids in the house, the answer should be pretty obvious. Not only do Blu-Ray discs look so much better on your HDTV, Blu-Rays are better than DVDs if you have kids for the following reasons:

  • More scratch-resistant – Thanks to a durable coating over the disc, Blu-Ray discs are more durable than DVDs. A perfect reason to replace your worn out Disney movie collection.
  • More fingerprint resistant – This is nearly crucial if you have pre-schoolers. Think of the time you’ll save every day not wiping fingerprints off DVDs.
  • Play on a PS3 – For older kids, this is a big selling point, and for parents, it’s a money-saver
  • Good value – Sure, Blu-Rays are a bit more expensive than DVDs. And DVDs keep dropping in price. But major kids’ movie studios, like Sony Dreamworks and Disney, offer bundles that include a DVD, a Blu-Ray disc and a digital copy, which you can use on your home PC, in the car, or on your iPhone or iPod Touch, to watch movies anywhere… for not much more money than a DVD.

Need one more reason? (Or 25?) Sound and Vision magazine lists the top 25 Blu-Rays for kids.

Blu-Ray Home Theatre System

If you’re going to upgrade to a Blu-Ray, of course, you need a plasma, LED or LCD HDTV to enjoy the superior picture quality. It could be time to start thinking about creating a whole home theater system for the family to enjoy.

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