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Must-Have A/V Solutions for Remote Learning

Online remote learning. School kids with computer.

Distance learning is fast becoming a permanent option at many schools—at least as a hybrid option—so it has become important for institutions to improve their networked audio accordingly.

While some colleges and universities already had state-of-the-art AV systems in place, many did not. When the pandemic hit, the priority was installing any system that worked. 

In today’s complex learning environment,  K-12 online learning solutions must keep both on-site and remote learners connected and engaged. Our team will help you deliver the same learning experience at school and via virtual classes.

Know What Schools Are Looking For

Academic institutions have a huge need to build out their classrooms with remote learning capabilities, from advanced UC systems with integrated lecture capture to an instructor in the room teaching the entire class remotely. There’s an increased need for high speech intelligibility and high audio fidelity within these environments so students stay engaged and understand the content.

  1. Live Streaming In Classrooms

Live streaming and video conferencing systems for your classrooms are vital for students and educators to stay connected. Live streaming allows students to feel like they are truly present in the classroom when they are learning remotely. Our virtual systems can offer screen sharing, lesson recording, and one-on-one video calls for students and teachers to communicate. This promotes students having an actively present and engaged class time no matter where they are learning. At DaraAV, we can provide virtual student solutions to promote a safe and healthy learning environment. 

  1. Interactive Whiteboards

Even when classes aren’t in person, interactive whiteboards can be a very useful tool. They are a great way to present notes on both live and recorded lectures. And the top interactive whiteboards have an option to share notes with students over the internet in applications such as Google Drive or DropBox. Once notes are saved, students can then share their own insights directly on the documents, and their changes will be shared with everyone! Regardless of whether learning is online or in-person, interactive whiteboards are always a fantastic way to inspire engagement and collaboration among students. 

  1. Document Cameras

The ability to share content live with remote students promotes collaboration among peers, and thus, increases online class engagement. For example, document cameras allow teachers to bring in additional textbooks and have their students take turns reading. Teachers can also give their students worksheets to be completed collectively as a class, giving their students a regular classroom atmosphere despite their physical separation. With these cameras, teachers have the opportunity to bring in blank sheets of paper to take class notes based on students’ contributions to the discussion. Teachers can even use these cameras for virtual science experiments, allowing their students to complete virtual labs and gain experience in analyzing data. 

  1. Software with Closed Captioning

Teachers have a sixth sense when students are not paying attention, or simply not understanding what is being taught. Now with remote learning, there’s a separation of the human element. As most know, students are either auditory learners, visual learners, or a mix of both. With remote learning, teachers can easily provide an environment that caters to both kinds of learners through closed-captioning.

There are a number of different kinds of software that can integrate with Zoom and other video conferencing software to provide closed captions in real-time. Many of these programs will also save searchable records of each meeting, which is extremely useful for everyone! 

It’s important to note that most live closed-captioning services are not compatible with braille displays. Therefore, the best option for braille display users is to provide a transcription of the presentation beforehand, so people can follow along by reading it. Alternatively, meetings with live discussions can be transcribed and sent to users after their conclusion. 

Looking Toward The Future

The past year and a half clearly demonstrated that the future of education requires greater emphasis on AV solutions, whether students are in the classroom or joining remotely. New modes of learning require a much more robust AV system design than in the past, and these AV investments will provide a seamless classroom experience no matter where students are located.

DaraAV is here to provide the right audio/visual solutions for your school in the Tri-State area. Installing high-quality live streaming, software, and more will create a perfect learning environment for your students. DaraAV can custom design A/V for your school while meeting your technology requirements. Give us a call today at 718-775-6913