Support Small Business When the Quality of Work Matters
published onJune 15, 2015

I’m not sure how to start this blog post. As a business owner, I feel comfortable giving my all to every project and to my customers. As a New Yorker, I’m not good at asking for help. But we need your help today – me and every other small business in the running for a Chase Mission Main Street grant. We need you to vote and show your support for small businesses.

Why Support Small Business? Because It Matters.
It matters that our Main Streets (both literally and figuratively speaking) here on Staten Island and across the Tri-state area remain thriving regions of commerce and entertainment, with mom-and-pop stores like The Sound Attitude, with great locally-owned bars and restaurants, with boutique clothing stores, and with local service providers and contractors.

It matters because small businesses care about you. When you value quality, when you want the job done right the first time and you want the products you buy to last, with the work backed by an iron-clad service contract and a solid handshake – you want to deal with local business owners.

Shopping small businesses sometimes costs more. The wholesale prices small business owners pay for inventory often means we have to set higher prices or take a loss. Sometimes we’re willing to do that if it means keeping a customer. The mark-up on something like an LED-TV isn’t big. An audiovisual integrator isn’t getting rich hanging screens in your house or anywhere else. We’re happy to do it, because we know that people are willing to pay a little more for all the services JD Systems provides – expert audio visual design and installation, turnkey integrated AV systems, and the attention to detail where it matters. We’re not looking to hang screens. We’re looking to build loyal customers who are happy with our work. If you don’t want audio visual systems you can take pride in, we are probably not the company for you.

Why JD Systems Is Different
When you switch sources on screen, you shouldn’t have to wait five seconds for the picture to show up. The transition should be nearly seamless. By using products certified to work together, and drawing on our past experience to spec the correct components for any job, we create entertainment experiences with AV systems that just work. You don’t have to think about it. One touch on your iPad and it’s done. We’ll train you in using the equipment before we leave so you know exactly how to operate it. Ever need help? We’re just a quick phone call away.

It drives us crazy when we see an equipment rack that looks like a bowl of multicolored spaghetti. Wire management is our friend. Wires should be neatly arranged and organized. And don’t get me started when I see wires hanging from a screen to a box.

If you don’t care about that – if you only care that your HDTV screen has a picture – we’re not the company for you. But if you want to work with an AV contractor that will provide a neat, clean installation where all the components work together seamlessly, and will leave your job site looking even better than when we started the job, that’s when you turn to JD Systems. That’s the difference.

Are You A Perfectionist About Your Business, Too?
We’ve always been perfectionists. Back when we were installing systems at the clubs where owner Jak Daragjati DJ’ed (and still does), we could never leave any job less than perfect. And no matter how big we grow, we’ll remain committed to the smallest details.
We aren’t the cheapest company on the block. We spend time on our audiovisual designs so that you’ll have something unique in your restaurant, sports bar, or nightclub. If you’re a perfectionist who worries about every detail in your venue, you want to call us.

How to Support Local Businesses In Three Seconds or Less
If everything I’ve said about supporting local business makes sense, please vote in the Chase Mission Main Street grant program. You only have to vote once. It takes three seconds if you have a Facebook account. And you can vote for as many businesses as you feel deserve the honor of winning a $100,000 grant to go toward growing their business and better serving their customers and their community.

Easy, right?

But time is running out. (I sound like an infomercial but seriously, there’s only five days left…)

When you vote, you’re sending an important message that small businesses matter. Shopping local matters. Choosing a company not based on pricing but based on quality, matters.

We’re all busy. And if you’re in the AV industry, you’re probably heading out to InfoComm this week, if you’re not there already. So would you vote right now before you forget? We appreciate your support.