The Day of the Week to Get the Best Deal on an HDTV
published onMarch 12, 2012

Now that Black Friday, Christmas, and the Superbowl have all passed, are you suffering “non-buyer’s remorse” as you eye your neighbor’s new 72-inch HDTV with envy? First, shake off that jealousy by thinking about the credit card bill your neighbor just got, then take heart — it’s not too late to get a great deal on an HDTV … and we’re going to share some trade secrets that will help you get the best price.

There’s just one thing we’re going to suggest. Shop (or surf) for the best price. Get the HDTV of your dreams. But call JD Pro for the best deals on installation of your new LED, LCD or plasma. You can trust us with quick, clean, professional installations and competitive prices. We can’t match the big box stores on product — that’s just not how things work — but we can offer you the friendly, neighborhood service and installation you deserve at low prices. No hype, no sales. Just friendly guys with a passion for home theatre. How does that sound?

Read on to find out how to get that flat screen at a low price.

Three Tips to Save on Your New HDTV

1. Buy soon, but not yet – According to the website Lifehacker, which shares the best times to buy virtually anything, April is one of the best months to buy home electronics, including HDTV screens. That’s right. You didn’t miss anything if you skipped the Black Friday and Superbowl sales. (Except a few months with a new HDTV.) In March, the Japanese fiscal year ends, so many of the HDTV manufacturers clear out product lines in April to make room for new models, which means lower pricing on 2011 HDTV screens. Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic — you can get deals on all of them.

Additionally, stateside retailers take advantage of everyone getting hefty tax refunds with sales on electronics equipment at the end of March through April. The timing works out nicely for consumers, so you can take your tax refund, splurge on a home theatre system, and know that you’re getting a good deal.

2. Buy your HDTV early in the week. – If you want a new flatscreen for a weekend get-together, it pays to plan ahead. HDTVs are at their lowest prices on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So today might just be your lucky day. Manufacturers offer sales and rebates to retailers on Mondays, and, feeling generous, retailers pass the savings on to you. (P.S. In most cases, we can offer next-day installation of your HDTV, so you won’t have to wait until the weekend to enjoy your high-def, larger-than-life viewing experience.)

3. Shop online, but only from reputable dealers.
You’ll find some excellent deals online whenever you shop, but we highly recommend buying an HDTV from a name you can trust, like B&H, which has a retail location in New York City, or even the e-commerce divisions of big box retailers. You may find a larger selection and lower prices than you find in their stores.

We’d recommend steering clear of bid sites or online-only stores. You don’t know what you’re getting and you may not have the customer service to back it up.

If service-after-the-sale is especially important to you, shop locally through a professional AV integrator who can supply your audio video components, including your HDTV, and also install the system.

Now it’s your neighbors’ turn to be jealous of you when you invite everyone to your house to watch the Mets or Yankees opening day on a big new screen.