The Many Faces of JD Pro: How Can We Help You?
published onDecember 26, 2013

There’s been a fair amount of media coverage about JD Pro recently, and if you’ve seen the stories, you may be wondering exactly what we do here on Staten Island.

In short, JD Pro is a full-scale audio visual design and integration firm serving homes, businesses, churches and schools. If that sounds like a diverse client base, it is. How do we do it all?

The Short, Happy History of JD Pro
JD Pro launched, several years ago, as JD Systems. An offshoot of a DJ business, we began servicing and then upgrading the audio systems and DJ equipment in the bars and nightclubs where we worked. When a piece of gear in the DJ booth went down, our clients called us. Guess it looked like we knew what we were doing. We started making recommendations for the best gear, and Staten Island and Jersey Shore bars and restaurants started calling us to design and install their audio systems from scratch.

We discovered we loved it. As word spread about our skills, we expanded from restaurants, bars and nightclubs to retail outlets, corporate boardrooms, churches and schools. Staten Island is not the south or the Bible belt, but there are a lot of aging houses of worship in the five boroughs that need new audio and video systems.

Then, our clients began asking us if we could design their custom, high-end home theatre systems. We already had the knowledge and industry connections, especially as a certified dealer and installer of Crestron control systems.

JD Systems got pretty big. Really fast. And it became harder to become all things to all people. So we divided the company into JD Systems, which continues to serve the restaurant, bar and nightclub industry in New York and New Jersey, because that industry knows our name better than anyone, and JD Pro, which serves our corporate, retail, House of Worship and educational clients, as well as the home theatre segment.

The Birth of Sound Attitude
As we installed sound and video systems across the tri-state area and custom home theatre systems in houses across Staten Island and New Jersey, we noticed there was a growing group of people who wanted our advice and guidance on the right home theatre equipment to buy, but were technically-inclined enough to do the work themselves. They didn’t want to shop at big box stores and get the same home theatre gear other people had. They wanted something better. Maybe they were building a whole system in a weekend, or maybe they were starting with the basics and would add on over time. We wanted to help them.

That’s when we found the opportunity to take over Sound Attitude, a local Staten Island home electronics store. We stock the parts you can’t find elsewhere for your home theatre system, and we’ll talk to you about what you need for the system you’re designing yourself. Our salespeople are all knowledgeable and trained in our product lines and we provide the friendly service you’ll only find in smaller stores.

JD Pro and Sound Attitude: Design, Consultation, Installation and Gear
Now you can see how it all ties together – just like well-designed audio visual and control systems. Whether you need audio visual design, installation, service or parts, give us a call and we’ll direct you to the right department to find what you need. We’re still the “JD” you’ve always known, only better equipped to serve all of Staten Island and New York for their residential and commercial audio visual needs.