The Ultra Lounge Concept Takes a Turn
published onFebruary 28, 2011

It’s a sports bar. It’s a nightclub. It’s a lounge. No, wait, it’s an ULTRA-lounge. What exactly is an ultra-lounge and could your existing nightlife venue benefit from the addition of an ultra-lounge in the space?
An ultra-lounge is hard to define, because it’s more a matter of degrees and luxury than of size or content. Take your average lounge concept: comfy couches, a spacious bar area with plenty of flat screens, maybe some booths or even a VIP area.

Now take it up about seven notches, with zoned audio and video, private flat screen monitors in each booth or seating area so patrons can get their choice of content, and unique drinks served only in your venue. You’re getting closer to an ultra-lounge.

The ultra lounge concept began taking off in the late 90s, but now nightclub and sportsbar owners are looking at it as a way to increase profits by drawing in a new clientele into a separate space in their existing venue.

The Ultra Lounge is About Ambiance and Style

An ultra lounge oozes a vibe of exclusivity, luxury and style. Not just anyone is welcome, but if you’re cool enough to make it through the door, you will have a good time — that is certain! If your ultra lounge is part of a larger venue, you’ll need to let visitors know, through the decor, sound, video and lighting, that they’ve just entered someplace very special.

Let Audio Video Systems Set the Ultra Lounge Mood

The ideal ultra lounge will have its own sound system and zoned audio controlled through master controller in the equipment room and also a password-protected wall panel for easy access.
HDTV monitors will be of the highest quality, mounted safely and possibly even in custom frames designed to match your venue. The music should be able to go from thumping bass for dancing down to quiet ballads for low-key nights when mainly couples populate the space. A dance floor and DJ booth is optional, especially if the rest of your venue fills those needs.

Not only should audio video systems be top-of-the-line, they should be operating properly whenever your venue is open. You need an audio visual integrator you can trust to design and install the best systems for your space and help you make sure they’re running when you need them.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your nightlife venue with a new ultra-lounge, why not give JD Systems a call?