Three Points to Consider When You Choose A New York Audiovisual Integrator
published onMay 30, 2012

Does spring cleaning mean a new HDTV home theatre system for summer entertaining? Choosing the right New York audiovisual integrator can be overwhelming. So many choices, brands, bids, designs, promises. Let’s look into some of the most important factors to consider. When you get down to the basics, these three factors are key to making the right selection for your AV systems integration.

1. Does the audiovisual integrator specialize in churches or commercial spaces like yours, designing and installing AV systems similar to what you want? If you’re building a family room and wanted integrated AV with surround sound, lighting and control systems, you’ll want to ask to see other projects your potential contractors have completed.

2. If you have a preference for certain brands, does your choice of AV contractor carry those brands? If you have your heart set on Samsung and JBL, for instance, you don’t want to discover your integrator only carries other top brands and is trying to steer you in another direction.

3. Does he speak your language? As much as AV tech guys love playing with buttons and running wires, when it comes down to it, the best companies know we’re in a people business. The AV integrator you hire should be willing to speak your language, explain how this new technology will enhance your life or business, make it easier in some way, and make your customers (or your family, in the case of home theatre systems installation) happier. If you want to understand how everything works, they should be able to provide that information in easy-to-use, jargon-free language, but if you just want the bottom line, maybe even including some product demos, the AV firm you choose should be willing to provide that, as well.

We can’t emphasize this last point enough. Someone who is conscientious enough to get to know you and to understand your technology needs is going to be conscientious enough to do the best job they can at your home or business. Your audio video integrator might be in your home for days, or in your church or corporate offices for weeks. You want someone you know you can trust to do the right thing every step of the way.