Three Surprising Ways LED Lighting is More Energy Efficient
published onMay 3, 2011

You might already know that LED lighting solutions use about 70% less energy than traditional halogen and incandescent lamps, cutting electric costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

But here are three surprising facts you may not have known about LED lighting and their energy efficiency.

1. LED lights are almost twice as efficient as Compact Florescent (CFL) bulbs

2. LED lamps last longer: about 30 times longer than incandescent lights, 25 times longer than halogen, and 10 times longer than CFLs. This means less landfill waste and lower replacement costs over the life of your lighting systems, too.

3. LED lights don’t produce heat. Rooms with LED lighting tend to be one to two degrees cooler than rooms with conventional incandescent or halogen lighting. This helps reduce your air conditioning costs, reduces CO2 emissions, and is simply better for the environment.

JD Pro Suggests RGB Lights

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