Tightrope Media Stands Out with Broadcast and Digital Signage Technology
published onNovember 14, 2011

JD Systems would like to congratulate our distribution partners Tightrope Media Systems for their 2011 STAR (Superior Technology Award Recipient Award, an honor given by the editorial staff of TV Technology Europe magazine at the 2011 IBC convention.

Tightrope’s ZEPLAY, an instant replays platform, took home the award as an example of technology designed to accomplish a task in an easier way than previous technology, ideally while saving the customer money, too.

ZEPLAY is a multi-channel instant replay machine for stadiums, arenas and broadcast trucks, and is an example of Tightrope’s quality work in broadcast, production and digital signage systems.

TV Technology Europe Editor Mark Hallinger said in a press release, “STAR awards are given to interesting new products that help a user save money or accomplish a task in an easier way. The products selected help advance the industry—-some were chosen because of technical novelty or innovation, some because they filled an important gap in the production or transmission chain, and some because they were just cool products.”

This describes many of Tightrope Media’s product offerings. Here at JD Systems, we’ve used Tightrope Media’s digital signage system for a number of applications, and have always been pleased by its ease of use and flexibility. We’re not surprised Tightrope’s ZEPLAY technology, constructed with those same principles in mind, took home a prestigious industry award for its innovation.

Congratulations Tightrope Media Systems… and wishing you many more!