Time-Saving Construction Tips for NY & NJ Nightclubs and Bars
published onMarch 16, 2011

Quick: Who are the top people you should call when you’re building a new sports bar, nightclub, restaurant, or corporate venue?

A. An Architect
B. A General Contractor
C. An Audio Video Systems Installer
D. Your bank
E. Your business consultant

Any of these suggestions can start a project on the right foot, depending on your overall business plan and funding requirements. But we’d hope you included the audio video systems installer on that short list.

That’s right — the AV designer and installer should be “in the loop” very early in the design phase of a commercial building project. Don’t wait until the general contractor is hanging the drywall. Ideally, you’ll line up your architect and then give us a call.

Save Time, Money and Headaches

When you bring in an audio video systems designer, installer and consultant early in the design phases of your building project, you’ll save yourself time and money, and you’ll also save the architect and contractors lots of hassles (which means time for them and money for you.)

A knowledgeable audio visual systems integrator can:

  • Work with the architect to create a room that will serve your needs acoustically and offer the right sight lines for video systems
  • Recommend building materials and/or acoustical treatments so you get the most out of your sound system
  • Ensure optimal speaker and monitor placement for the best sound and video experience
  • Map out the best pathways for Cat-5 cable, speaker wire and Ethernet — before walls and ceilings are up
  • Plan for the Future

    Ideally, your audio video installer can begin placing the infrastructure for your audio, video and control systems before the walls, floors and ceilings of your venue are in place. This saves time, which, again, saves money — and since most commercial construction projects are on a tight deadline to open, it just saves the whole team a lot of stress.

    But what if you’re not sure exactly how much you can afford in the way of audio video? Here’s a long-term, money-saving tip: Run the cables anyway!

    It’s a lot easier and less expensive to add speakers and monitors in a building that’s already constructed than it is to tear out walls to run wire when you decide you really do need a flat screen monitor in the bathroom, or the second floor lounge of your nightclub needs more bass.

    If you’re looking to reduce stress and save time and money during your next commercial construction project:

    • Call your AV systems integrator when you first begin working with an architect
    • Plan ahead for future audio video needs by putting the infrastructure in place
    • Talk to JD Systems to help execute your vision or work with you create the audio, video and control systems you need (even if you’re not sure what you need, yet!)