Training & Support

Audio Visual Training & Support in NJ & NYC

When you work with Dara AV, you’re never on your own. Despite being highly-skilled custom audio and visual systems installers, technology itself is not always reliable. From a glitch to a major malfunction, these systems are vulnerable to issues. Plus, with multiple devices communicating locally and over a network, problems will inevitably arise. To that end, our technicians have a full understanding of A/V hardware and software to ensure the most effective multimedia outputs possible. Our services include:
Although based in Staten Island, we are a dedicated New York and New Jersey audio visual company with over 30 years’ experience. Our in-depth knowledge of brands, equipment, and systems design and installation will help create a complete technology experience for you.

  • Assessing the best locations for your equipment to create a synergy between the environment and the hardware.
  • Coaching your staff to ensure knowledge and accessibility of our system.
  • Periodic maintenance checks to mitigate future malfunctions.24 hour remote technical support to answer all queries relating to your A/V systems.

The DaraAV team is here to assist with any electronic worries. That includes full continuity of service, speedy response times, instructional tutorials on how to effectively use the systems we installed, and more importantly, our training program is designed to keep your A/V equipment operating smoothly in New York and New Jersey.

Service After The Sale

DaraAV prides itself on our strong team of dedicated technicians that are always on hand, readily available for customers pre- and post-installation phase. This is a solid relationship that has been built and strengthened amongst our clients over 15 years. Where DaraAV is concerned, service after the sale is continuous and once you work with us, you’re never left alone after an installation. DaraAV is committed to providing the highest quality service and support within the audio visual industry for our commercial partners throughout New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas throughout the Tri-State Area. We believe in the development of long-term strategic partnerships with our clients which allows us to better serve you by understanding your current A/V needs, adapting solutions to facilitate your vision, and meeting your long-term goals. This is important considering the ongoing, rapid changes in A/V technology.

Our Commercial Training Support Process

After your A/V service, your DaraAV technician will take you on a tour of your new system. We’ll hit every key aspect that pertains to your system, making sure you understand the best way to operate and maintain your new tools.

After the tour, our team will provide you with custom user guides and systems diagrams to ensure that your employees know precisely how every facet of your new system works. It’s important to us to help our clients understand and use their new audio visual technology to maximize their return on investment. On-site training is conducted by our staff, through one-on-one training or in a group setting and can be performed in-person, remotely, or on a phone call. We’ll demonstrate how to operate your audio visual system and answer any questions about the equipment and its functions. Important questions and concerns relating to your equipment’s maintenance and support will also be answered to your satisfaction. We stay in touch to make sure your expectations are exceeded, and we service what we sell.

On-going A/V System Support

A/V systems are sensitive pieces of equipment that require thorough maintenance and regular checkups to eliminate the risk of high-dollar maintenance. For many of our clients, the costs of malfunctions means halting day-to-day operations, and this far outweighs the costs of regular maintenance. DaraAV operates to ensure your bottom line is never compromised.

With comprehensive systems checks to make sure that the integration holds, as well as to ensure that all individual components are performing at optimum levels, we guarantee that your equipment is safe in our hands.

Hands-on A/V Maintenance & Training Support For Your Business

Our clients feel empowered after DaraAV’s hands-on training. This meticulous level of service is our top priority to ensure you have the best experience with an A/V company in the Tri-State area. But issues may arise and we hope you won’t hesitate to call us for assistance, even if your warranty has expired. We’ll do our best to make it right and get your systems back to performing as well as the day we installed them.

We also provide 24/7 phone support, remote desktop support, and emergency response 365 days a year, in New York, New Jersey, or anywhere in the Tri-State area. 

Get the most out of your investment. Your A/V systems are vital to your business, let our experienced team of technicians show you the right way to operate and maintain them. Call us at 718-775-6913 or contact us online today!