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Upgrade Your Tri-State Commercial AV System

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Happy customers are at the heart of your Tri-State business, whether you manage a restaurant, office suite, or warehouse. We’re not saying the customer is always right, but as a manager or business owner, you understand that helping your clientele stay in good spirits is a valuable tool that equates to a bigger bottom line. 

With a commercial sound system, you can encourage clients to stay longer to shop or eat with welcoming music that sets the perfect ambiance, make clear announcements, and give your employees – and yourself – the autonomy to adjust settings on the fly. Keep reading below to learn more about commercial sound systems and how integrating one into your Tri-State-area business can make your patrons and staff happier.

Commercial Sound Systems

Turning on one speaker and adjusting the volume to its highest setting simply won’t work for your Tri-State business. This ineffective method of adding ambient music to your workspace creates spots that are too loud or too quiet throughout your building, causing distress for clientele as they make their way through your store shopping or eating a meal at your restaurant. 

By adding perfectly placed speakers throughout your commercial space, you provide even sound coverage for everyone. In the event of a patron complaint about the audio, employees are empowered to adjust the volume or song selection using an intuitive system interface instead of fumbling for a remote.

Clear Announcements

The din of a busy restaurant can be overwhelming, leaving patrons wondering if the barista called their name or someone else’s when an order is set on the counter. A microphone plus in-ceiling speakers blend into the decor of your space while providing a room-encompassing message that everyone understands clearly. And in the worst-case scenario of a workplace emergency, having a method of communicating efficiently with patrons and staff is paramount to successful incident response.

More Than Audio

With a comprehensive commercial audio/video upgrade from DaraAV, your Tri-State business can elevate profits, increase client satisfaction, and reduce staff frustrations. Behind the bar, a touch panel display gives bartenders the ability to adjust the TV channel to the big game. Then, using the same system, the ambient music can be turned down with a finger swipe. There’s no longer a need to dig through a pile of remotes to change the channel on multiple TVs and cable boxes. And if you want to limit access to only senior-level employees, no problem. Managers can set user-level restrictions to make this happen in your business.

Let’s explore how DaraAV can help out various Tri-State industries:

Bars & Restaurant 

While the customers often only see the large screens pasted around the bar and restaurant, there’s wiring, network backbones, and controls all over the space that are key in the operation of the AV system.  

Many restaurants have switched to digital signage to show menu boards, and event specials, and some are even touch-screen and operational. Again, the focus is on the user experience and providing quality service to bring back repeat customers and drive new business.  

While customer experience and ease of use are essential, it’s also important that your own staff has the knowledge to run these audiovisual systems without error. With a high-quality touch-screen control panel, your staff has the ease of use to control audio, video, lighting, HVAC, and even blinds from a single device. This negates the need for training, especially in companies with a higher turnover rate. 


AV system design in education is a booming market with uncapped growth potential. The focus is shifting to the user experience and utilizing technology to bring ease of use to students’ education.  

Video walls and digital signage are becoming much more popular on college campuses and help to keep updated information flowing. AV systems are designed so that there is centralized automation across the campus which helps transport accurate data without disruption. Monitoring and support from audiovisual integrators play a key part in keeping this operation running. If there’s an issue with these systems, the entire campus can be greatly affected.  

Lastly, collaboration in education is one of the highest focuses, and AV systems play a key role in creating more opportunities.  


AV system design in the healthcare industry is changing the way that doctors, students, and other medical experts interact with one another and their patients. Digital signage can help direct you where you need to go in an efficient manner. Audio output is also critical in communications and alerting/paging systems.  

Touch screen room reservation systems allow for easy scheduling and room bookings. This feature can also be integrated with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and other applications to bring a centralized calendar to your work schedule.