Streamline Your Living Space
published onDecember 1, 2010

Since the 1970s when large, console television sets began appearing on the market, the T.V. has become the focal point of American family living space. Furniture in the living room or den is arranged in such a way that every seat has an optimal view of the T.V. But old-fashioned TVs, when they aren’t on, become an eyesore.

Today’s LED, LCD and Plasma screens change that. These streamlined flat screens blend in to any decor, offer multiple mounting or TV stand options, and — as cool as they are — actually help you create different, more exciting focal points in the room. Of course, when the HD screen is on, all eyes will be on it. But when it’s off, it blends in with the room.

More good news? Flat screen TVs are dropping in price rapidly, and you can afford more TV for your money than ever before. Even a 50-inch or monster 55- or 60-inch screen (which brings the cinema experience to life in your living room) may be within your price range. And you can pick up a high-quality, 46-inch screen for less than a grand.

Flat screen TVs: Highly Visible, but Not Dominating

You have a world of placement options when you purchase a flat screen TV.

1. You can hang it diagonally in the corner, permitting more furniture placement options.

2. You can place it on a slim profile TV stand that also houses your DVD or Blu-ray player, cable box, DVR and video game systems neatly. JD Pro offers remote controls that use special technology so you can hide your cable or DirecTV box inside cabinets, too.

3. For better visibility, you can mount the TV just a few inches above the TV stand or cabinetry. You’ll gain an extra shelf and can place the TV at an optimal viewing angle for most people. This is also great if you have kids — no more washing fingerprints off the LED screen 20 times a day!

4. You can hang the flat screen over a fireplace. If you have an LED or LCD, you can even display artwork on the screen when you’re not watching television. Talk about blending into the decor!

Get a Pro to Mount It

However you choose to place your flat screen TV so it is highly visible yet unobtrusive, get a professional to mount it. You’ll know your TV isn’t going anywhere and is mounted neatly and safely on the wall. Professional installers can also run the cable for you. If a flat screen TV falls, it could not only break the TV but hurt someone. The peace of mind is well worth the cost to trust professional, insured installers.

At JD Pro, we offer a variety of home theatre packages that include everything from mounting your LED or plasma screen to providing a custom-programmed remote control that allows you to change channels from anywhere in your home. Check out our residential installation packages
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