Universal Remote Control Enters the Commercial Market
published onDecember 14, 2011

Universal Remote Control, known for dominating the residential market for home theater remote controls with user-friendly, intuitive products, has introduced commercial series IP-based serial remote controllers, perfect for commercial installations such as boardrooms and professional offices.

Products in the line include the KP-4000C, two-way, in-wall color RS-232 network keypad and the MRX-1 network base station. This combination allows professionals like doctors and lawyers to control content, volume and sources on as many as 10 different screens. We can route control of a processor like the Harman dbx ZonePro through the controller for multi-zoned audio capabilities. Included lighting dimmers make the MRX-1 and KP-4000C combination the perfection solution to control all systems, including audio, video, lighting and HVAC, in a small to mid-size venue.

About the Universal Remote Control MRX-1

This IP-based network controller includes one LAN connection, one relay, two RS-232 ports, six IR ports and one sensor port, permitting it to connect easily to nearly any component. It’s compatible with Universal Remote Control’s Total Control and Complete Control product lines.

About the URC KP-4000C

This easy-to-use 3.5-inch color LCD touch screen is fully customizable and programmable through a PC, making it easy for your audio video integrator to log in and make changes remotely.

The URC KP-4000C works with a network base controller like the MRX-1 to control all the lighting, audio, video, HVAC and other systems in a small-to-mid-size venue, including boardrooms and professional offices. The controller lives on the network, making it easy to monitor systems locally or remotely. The KP-4000C can display a wide range of metadata from sources and, using the PSX-2 media server, can also access and display various information feeds, including news and stock tickers.

Available in black, white or almond, the attractive display matches any decor, making it a good fit in applications like professional buildings where every architectural detail matters.