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Bars & Lounges

The professionals at DaraAV have developed extensive knowledge in the design and execution of sports bar A/V systems throughout New York and New Jersey. In a highly competitive market where there appears to be a sports bar on every corner, we can customize and install an A/V system that is distinctive and unique for your business.

This will undoubtedly give you an edge amongst the steep competition in the Tri-State area. Our experience, plus our dedicated training support, means you’ll get an audio-visual system you can rely on – allowing you to focus on creating a great customer

Catering & Hospitality

Since 2003, DaraAV has helped businesses in the hospitality trade install stunning, user-friendly A/V solutions that are tailored to the modern demands of guests and the unique architectural layouts of various rooms, lobbies, and catering spaces throughout New York and New Jersey.

Don’t settle for a standard, retail A/V system when you can have an exceptional system designed to entertain your employees and your guests.


Since 2003, DaraAV has offered video equipment and complete sound equipment for sanctuaries, fellowship halls, and other gathering spaces. When worship leaders in New York and New Jersey are looking for turnkey solutions, they turn toward our experienced A/V technicians.

Our team carefully investigates the needs of your place of worship, creates a custom design, and installs every device all while not disrupting the integrity of your building architecture. From acoustical treatment in the sanctuary to installing video walls to entertain your congregation, we can handle complete A/V overhauls or simply upgrade your current equipment.

Corporate Offices

DaraAV excels at providing audio video solutions to corporations across New York, New Jersey, and surrounding Tri-State areas. No two A/V jobs are alike. Therefore, our team excels at providing turnkey solutions to our corporate partners. We offer a variety of presentation systems including: projectors and projection screens, digital displays and high definition video conferencing.

Whether your organization has general meeting spaces, training rooms, board rooms, state-of-the-art conference centers, huddle rooms, and a massive lobby, these spaces require top-of-the-line A/V equipment and the experts at Dara AV are ready to help.


In this new era, Education’s AV needs have changed. Social distancing has altered the layouts of traditional classrooms and lecture halls. Remote learning is commonplace. Public, private, and charter schools are more reliant on technology than ever before.

K-12 and higher education institutions need partners in technology who can help them navigate the ever-changing landscape, specify the right systems, and offer the training needed to maximize the capabilities of their new systems.


Since 2003, the experts at DaraAV have been designing and installing stunning custom audio and visual systems for restaurants throughout New York and New Jersey. From AV systems, digital menu boards, or DirecTV For Business systems, Dara AV can provide you with exceptional systems and solutions designed to entertain employees and restaurant patrons.

Plus, our clients love the training support they receive from our team. On-site training is conducted by our staff, through one-on-one training or in a group setting and can be performed in-person, remotely, or on a phone call.


Today’s shoppers are looking for more than just low prices and convenience as these have become commonplace in most retail stores. Shoppers commit to retailers that offer positive, memorable experiences.

At DaraAV, our team of professional, experienced specialists can help you design and install stunning and memorable custom audio-visual systems that will attract, delight and retain customers and have a positive and lasting impact on your Tri-State area business.