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Catering & Hospitality

Tri-State Hospitality Custom A/V Installation

The best hospitality experience thrives off of customer service. Not only does great customer service mean giving them 5-star comforts, but it also means providing top-of-the-line technology to help guests feel at home. 

Modern hotels, resorts, nightclubs, and catering venues can provide a welcoming vibe with various hospitality audio and video solutions like climate controls, music and sound systems, lighting automation, video walls, and much more. Regardless what type of facility you own, there are a growing number of cutting-edge audio/ visual devices you can seamlessly incorporate into your facility. The hospitality audio and visual professionals at DaraAV can help provide such devices to amplify your guest experience 

Custom A/V Design & Installation Services

Purchasing expensive off-the-shelf A/V equipment doesn’t guarantee the best available A/V experience. If your systems are poorly designed or improperly installed, your expensive gear will only go halfway, or worse, it will malfunction causing you to not get a return on your investment. To get the most from your equipment, you have to partner with an experienced team of A/V professionals. 

Since 2003, DaraAV has helped businesses in the hospitality trade install stunning, user-friendly A/V solutions that are tailored to the modern demands of guests and the unique architectural layouts of various rooms, lobbies, and catering spaces. These solutions include:

  • A/V system design and installation.
  • WIFI router setup.
  • Digital signage.
  • DirecTV For Business installation.
  • Video conferencing setup.
  • Wire management.
  • Lighting control.
  • Multi-purpose room design.
  • Multi-room audio systems.
  • Projector installation.
  • TV  installation.
  • Video wall design and installation.

Audio Engineering and Installation for Tri-State Hospitality Venues

Sound is an integral part of the experience within a hospitality space. The moment our experienced technicians enter a space, they are thinking about speaker coverage, dampening, soundproofing, ambient noise levels, networking ability, mounting points, cable runs and many other things to make your space go above and beyond. Unlike an architect who is focused on aesthetics alone, we consider the functionality to ensure your audio system can be heard from every spot in a room and that the system is discreet. This allows your building to not only be beautiful, but fully functional for any of your A/V needs. 

Stunning Monitors & Video Displays For Hospitality Venues

Today’s guests want to relax with the comforts of modern technology in their room. Poor picture quality and unreliable streaming connections aren’t just minor annoyances, they can lead to bad reviews! 

DaraAV can install high-definition video streaming systems throughout the rooms or lobby of your hospitality establishment. From one to several displays, our team will use a system which will meet all of your multimedia system needs such as digital signage, projectors, and more.

Schedule Your Custom A/V Consultation For your Tri-State Hospitality Venue

The experts at DaraAV have years of experience designing and installing stunning custom audio and visual systems for hospitality locations throughout New York and New Jersey. Don’t settle for a standard, retail A/V system when you can have an exceptional system designed to entertain employees and guests.

Contact our knowledgeable team today at 718-775-6913. We’re ready to provide you with solutions that look great and are easy to use, perfect for your facility.