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Education is changing. From distance learning to digital whiteboards, students and teachers rely on technology more than ever before.  K-12 and higher education institutions need partners in technology who can help them navigate the ever-changing landscape, specify the right systems, and offer the training needed to maximize the capabilities of their new systems.

As every great instructor knows, learning is not just limited to a classroom.  Therefore neither does the AV system have to be.  The arts are a huge part of the learning experience.  Outfitting your auditorium or multi purpose room can be pivotal to the growth of a young mind. 

From theatrical lighting systems, to Front House Audio systems, to projection video, Dara AV can help transform a dead space to a Broadway style theater for a performance that can also serve as a Lecture Hall for group learning and yet still act as a Movie Theater on a rainy day.

school auditorium AV System

Education Center in the Bronx, NY

 Today’s schools also rely on technology not just to enhance the learning experience, but also to keep students and staff safe.  In today’s turbulent world parents can be at ease knowing that their child is being kept safe with the latest in security measures.  Access control, CCTV and Emergency Paging are just a few types of systems Dara AV can assist with that can help principals, faculty and parents work comfortably in today’s world.