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Audio Visual Service & Installation for NJ & NYC Restaurants

Restaurant patrons are looking for a 5-star experience. One that consists of well-prepared food, quality customer services, and unmatched ambiance. If you’re struggling to create the ideal atmosphere in your Tri-State area restaurant, then perhaps an A/V solution is the answer you’ve been looking for and DaraAV is here to help.

Store-bought components and poor installation can cause your investment to fall flat and do more harm than good to your Tri-State area restaurant.  We understand the complex nature of A/V technology and the unique needs of restaurants like yours, as we have assisted countless restaurant owners in the New York and New Jersey area. In this age of increased competition and shifting consumer preferences, you need to choose a trusted audio-visual partner to take your restaurant to the next level.

Custom Retail Audio Installation and Design

Done properly, audio can significantly enhance the customer experience. But done incorrectly, you may notice fewer repeat customers. While it might seem like audio installation merely involves running wires and hanging speakers, there’s a vast difference between a DIY installation and a professional installation. Speaker placement, wiring routes, and amplifier installation requires experience and precision.  It is best done by a professional technician who knows the importance of acoustics and wiring mechanics, ensuring that your system will look and sound great for years to come. If you were to handle this venture yourself, you could end up with poor quality sound and dissatisfied customers.

Addressing your restaurant’s goals should be your primary consideration before making the investment in a new audio system. Are you looking for a system to play background music to invoke a specific type of mood? Do you own a catering space that needs a full microphone system? No matter the need, our expert audio technicians and installers can handle the complexities of your audio setup. All applications will be static and distortion-free, ensuring complete satisfaction for you and your customers.

Custom Restaurant Video Display Installation and Design

Video adds an engaging element to your Tri-State area restaurant and will turn your space from drab and stuffy to entertaining and memorable. DaraAV can help you understand the differences between monitor displays, resolutions, refresh rates, etc., and offer unique features specifically designed for your restaurant.

A cost-effective way to upgrade and engage restaurant patrons is through stunning menu boards. Menu boards for restaurants are more than just a place to display your food offerings – they also add a modern, dynamic aspect to your space. These boards can be easily updated and designed to match your branding. Additionally, the professionals at DaraAV are licensed installers for DirecTV For Business. If you want to add a new, entertaining element, choose DaraAV for a multi-monitor DirecTV For Business installation and setup.

Schedule Your Custom A/V Consultation For Your Tri-State Restaurant

The experts at DaraAV have years of experience designing and installing stunning custom audio and visual systems for restaurants throughout New York and New Jersey. Don’t settle for a standard, retail A/V system when you can have an exceptional system designed to entertain employees and restaurant patrons. Plus, our clients love the training support they receive from our team. On-site training is conducted by our staff, through one-on-one training or in a group setting and can be performed in-person, remotely, or on a phone call.

Contact our knowledgeable team today at 718-775-6913. We’re ready to provide you with solutions that look great and are easy to use, perfect for your restaurant.