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Audio Visual Services for Retail Stores in NJ & NYC

Brick-and-mortar retailers face steeper challenges and competition than they’ve ever faced in the past. While many brick-and-mortar competitors encroach on your territory, the rapid growth of e-commerce means many Tri-State area shoppers are skipping the in-person shopping experience altogether. However, brick-and-mortar establishments can create stunning and memorable audio-visual displays to attract and retain new customers. 

Today’s shoppers are looking for more than just low prices and convenience as these have become commonplace in most retail stores. Shoppers commit to retailers that offer positive, memorable experiences.  At DaraAV, our team of professional, experienced specialists can help you design and install custom retail audio-visual systems that will delight your customers and have a positive and lasting impact on your Tri-State area business.

Custom Retail Audio Installation and Design

Retail audio systems involve more than just adding an amplifier and sticking speakers throughout your retail space. Our specialists will investigate the environment, including the materials used for flooring and walls, and then consider the acoustics and how they will reverberate through your space. Our thoughtful team also considers the appropriate tone and volume the speakers emit so your employees can offer their customer service without yelling over the music. Finally, our installers place the sound system’s components in discrete locations throughout the store. This is the optimal solution for store owners as no customer wants to shop around unseemly speaker systems or step across mounds of wiring. 

The audio system can be completely customized around your goals. Whether you need a public announcement (PA) system to inform customers of any deals or a background music system to set a mood, cause a reaction, and evoke emotion in an unobtrusive way, DaraAV can design and customize any audio solution.

Custom Retail Video Display Installation and Design

Retail video display technology gives shoppers a strong impression of your brand by reaching out and grabbing their attention through stunning visuals of your brand’s identity. Your customers will enter a modern, cutting-edge store rather than a drab mom-and-pop shop. 

DaraAV’s video design specialists understand the nuances of deploying stunning video seamlessly in a retail space. It starts with consulting and listening to our partner’s goals. Whether our clients want to replace static signage, provide entertainment, allow customers to do product research, or provide a layer of entertainment, video displays are customized depending on the objective. The choice of technology, the size and the number of displays are all essential considerations in the video display design process.

Schedule Your Custom A/V Consultation For Your Tri-State Retail Space

The experts at DaraAV have years of experience designing and installing stunning custom audio and visual systems for retail spaces throughout New York and New Jersey. Don’t settle for a standard, retail A/V system when you can have an exceptional system designed to entertain employees and retail shoppers. Plus, our clients love the training support they receive from our team. On-site training is conducted by our staff, through one-on-one training or in a group setting and can be performed in-person, remotely, or on a phone call.

Contact us today. Our Knowledgeable team is ready to provide you with solutions that look great and are easy to use, perfect for your retail space.