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What Audio Visual Services Do You Need?

If you’re considering upgrading your audio visual services and think you need professional help … well, you’re probably right. Today’s technology is advancing at light speed.

Not only are there more options than ever before when it comes to selecting audio visual equipment, there are significant choices to consider when you decide who will help you with your audio visual upgrades or new project.

In a previous article, we talked about the different types of audio visual professionals marketing their services to you. Different companies have different specialties, whether it’s lighting, audio, or video systems (or all three.)

Some companies are merely consultants, driving equipment choices. Other firms design your systems, leaving you to find an installer through a bid process. Some simply install systems based on other people’s designs. Here’s a list of some of the choices you have to, ultimately, get the audio visual systems you need.

Audio Visual Professional Services

  • turnkey service of audiovisual design/consultation, sales, installation and service-after-the-sale
  • providing you with specific design plans and equipment specifications, so you can hire a different installer or install the systems yourself
  • audiovisual installation working from another consultant’s design plans
  • audiovisual sales, so you can go it alone with your highly talented tech team
  • a combination of any of the above
  • Which choice is right for you?

    If you’re not sure what you need, or you have a specific creative idea but no clue how to execute it, your audio visual upgrade or installation process might begin with an AV design consultant. You’ll pay the consultant a set or hourly rate to design the systems for you, providing you with the drawings and detailed equipment lists.

    You may want to have that designer also install the systems for you, in which case you’ll want to make sure you find a full-service audio visual specialist, who can also provide service-after-the-sale. (If they are doing it all and your systems happen to fail, don’t you want them working on it, too?)

    On the other hand, even if you do know exactly what you want, you may want to work with an AV design consultant to show you which equipment can make it possible and create the drawings that another installer can work from.

    Do You Have the Staff to “Do-It-Yourself?”

    If you have a very limited budget and a highly skilled tech team, you may decide to hire an audio visual consultant to design the systems and specify the equipment but then shop around for the lowest prices on the gear.

    Buyer beware: If you try to substitute lower-cost equipment (for instance, choosing consumer grade screens over commercial LED or plasma screens), your installation may not turn out as you’d hope or expected.

    However, if you have a highly-trained tech team, including people who can integrate AV and IT systems, and you follow your design consultant’s plans to the letter, this is a money-saving option.

    Reputable audio visual professionals should work with you to create the AV systems you need within your budget, whether you want all-in-one service or an a la carte approach.

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