What Can Apple TV Do For You?
published onFebruary 16, 2011

Apple TV has become one of the unsung heroes of the Apple universe, it seems. It hasn’t gotten a lot of media attention. Perhaps it’s just not as sexy as the new 4G iPhone now available for Verizon customers.
At JDPro, we like this “little black box” as a cost-effective solution for streaming all kinds of media to your home theatre system. Before looking at what Apple TV can do for you, let’s dispel the myths and misunderstandings and talk about what it can’t accomplish.

What AppleTV Can’t Do

  • Apple TV will not provide cable or satellite service to your TV for broadcast television channels. If you’re looking for sports, movies, prime time TV, kids programming and more, you’re looking for a DirectTV installation.
  • Apple TV is not a storage media and does not host or store your movies or music. If you want to store a library of audio and video content, you need a computer, iPhone or iPod.
  • Apple TV does not (necessarily) provide you with free audio video content by itself, but it does give you the means to access free content through web sites like YouTube and Flickr.
  • Does not work with an old-style (tube) television; it requires an HDTV with at least 720p resolution to operate. It won’t convert your old TV into an HDTV.
    • Streams any audio or video content directly from your iTunes account via your PC, Mac, iPod, iPad or iPhone.
    • Works with your NetFlix subscription to provide streaming movies straight to your flat screen HDTV
    • Streams other content from the Internet, including Flickr pics and YouTube vids.
    • Runs through your home’s wireless network or over Ethernet cables (wireless is recommended).
    • Can be controlled from anywhere in your home through your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.
    • Like other Apple products, has a sleek modern design that blends in with your other home theatre components.
    • Is available through JDPro, your New York and New Jersey home theatre design and installation firm!
  • Apple TV Capabilities

    Once you realize what the device is meant to offer, there’s a lot that Apple TV can do for you, which puts it at the top of its class for streaming audio video devices.