What Does An Audio Visual Consultant Do?
published onAugust 20, 2012

Have you heard this old joke? “A consultant is the guy who takes the watch off your wrist and then tells you what time it is.” (You can tell it’s an old joke because today it would reference a cell phone in your pocket. Does anyone wear watches anymore? Maybe that’s how you recognize a consultant… he’s got more stolen wristwatches than a Chinatown street vendor.)

We’re not painting consultants in a very good light, but we want to tell you to throw away everything you know or have ever heard about the word. A consultant used to be considered an adviser for business people. They had the knowledge of many companies and years of experience at their fingertips.

They’d advise on whatever their area of expertise is — sales, marketing, technology. They might make suggestions regarding the best course-of-action in a given situation, or they might make equipment purchase suggestions. Mostly, a consultant was an outside, objective party who could see your company from a birds-eye view.

Today, for what it’s worth, the business world calls those people “coaches,” as in “business coach,” “marketing coach,” or even “life coach.” Although some may still prefer the word “consultant,” the definition is changing. (Please, avoid at all costs the people selling themselves as “gurus” in any given field.)

Audio Visual Consultants Are Different. No, Really. Stay With Us.

Let’s move to the topic of an audio visual consultant. We explored the term a bit in a past post, but we’d like to go in to a more detail now so you don’t make costly mistakes or get in over your head when you’re choosing an audio visual professional.

Unlike consultants in other industries, an audio visual consultant is a lot more hands-on. Yes, we have the experience of hundreds of other clients and years of on- and off-the-job training in our field. We still provide a birds-eye view and will advise on the best moves for your company, at least as far as technology is concerned. But we’re not here to tell you things you already know. Instead, we’re here to listen to your needs and then create the best audio video systems you can afford to help you achieve your objectives.

What Can the Right Audio Video Systems Do for You?

Our clients have different objectives depending on their market. Corporate clients want to improve productivity with the right technology. Churches, well, they want to fill seats, too. But they want to do so while creating a greater sense of community and sharing the Word in a way that the technology does not interfere. Retail venues want to make shopping more fun so people stay longer and buy more. Technology, designed seamlessly and in line with your vision, can accomplish all that. We’ve seen it hundreds of times.

Audio visual design consultants (that’s us) design your professional audio video systems and recommend the best equipment to use. If you want us to install it, we can do that, but you might have another installer in mind. That’s okay, too. We want what’s best for you. We don’t want to tell you how to run your business. And we definitely don’t want your wrist watch.