What’s YOUR Dream Venue? AV Makes It Possible
published onSeptember 30, 2011

When you really think about it, it’s amazing what audio video technology makes possible. Go out to your local restaurant and watch the game on a giant plasma, or ask the manager to change the channel to cartoons for your kids. Sixty inches of Dora the Explorer during dinner — just what you wanted, right? That may not be your dream, but if it keeps your toddler in her seat … you’re all for it.

Today’s smart restaurant and bar owners are using audio video systems to set the scene, promote specials, entertain patrons while they wait or while they eat, and offer more options for their customers.

VIP… Very…Important… Plasma?

Some New York and New Jersey hot spots make VIP customers in an ultra lounge environment feel even more important by installing a dedicated HD screen at each booth so they can watch whatever they want. It’s like the entertainment version of bottle service.

Video Systems Everywhere
You know you’ve come to a place where they really care about your experience when you can even watch the game in the bathrooms. Today’s nightclub and sports bar owners know that every square foot of their venue makes an impression, from the lobby to the bathrooms. And audio visual systems contribute to that impression just as much as the food and the level of service. How many screens will it take to make your customers say, “Wow!”?

Private Party Rooms
Take your party room to the next level with a dedicated DJ booth, or even transform a private room into a theater for a private Super Bowl party or movie screening. Smart restaurant and bar owners know they can use AV to create additional revenue streams and attract customers with amenities other than the usual food, drinks and sports events.

Ready for Upgrades?
Are you ready to push the envelope with new audio video systems? Why not reach out to your customers via social media and mobile messaging, find out what they really want, and then call JD Systems to help implement your customers’ dreams?