Whole Home Automation: A Green Solution
published onMarch 28, 2011

How many times have you gotten all the way to the garage before realizing you left the bathroom light — or the flat screen TV in your basement home theater — on?

Or what about those winter nights when you need to lower the heat in your bedroom (remember, heat rises) but you just don’t want to get out of bed?

It’s not about being lazy so much as it is about being busy. We want technology to take care of itself so we can get a better night’s sleep, get out of the house faster, and lower our electric bills while we’re at it.
If you recently realized you sound just like your dad when you tell the kids, “We’re not related to Con Ed,” it might be time to invest in whole home automation systems to simplify your life.

Go Green with Whole Home Control

Whole home control systems for lights, appliances and heating and cooling systems is not just the convenient choice — it’s the green choice.

Much more than just “lights on timers,” whole home control systems can:

  • Sense if someone is in a room and turn the lights on or off automatically
  • Open or close window treatments to take advantage of south-facing sunlight (passive solar energy!) for heat or keep the house cooler in the summer time
  • Automatically adjust heating and cooling systems based on natural light, temperature and room occupancy with sensors
  • Automatically adjust heating and cooling systems based on time of day with networked, controllable thermostats
  • Adjust lights, temperature and other electronic systems, including your home theater, whole home audio systems, or home computer network, from anywhere in your home
  • Crestron® Gives You Greater Control

    As authorized Crestron® dealers, JD Pro is now proud to offer even more options in home theatre control systems and whole home automation. Crestron control systems are easy-to-use, fully-expandable, and more affordable than you might think.

    Give us a call to see what Crestron and JD Pro can do for you.