Why It’s Time to Upgrade the Audio Video In Your Sports Bar
published onJanuary 21, 2011

Restaurant and sports bar owners know your customers demand the best audio visual experience you can deliver. They want the quality they can get at home, in the movie theater, in major stadiums — or even better.

Until now, 3D TV hasn’t caught on in sports bars, restaurants and ultra lounges — in part because of the expense of the glasses. LG Electronics is changing that.

Passive Glasses Change 3D TV Forever

The major stumbling block to 3D TV in commercial sports bar applications has always been the glasses — they’re bulky, expensive, and if a customer breaks a set, you’re out of luck.

LG Electronics’ new LD950C is the first 3DTV for commercial use that uses polarized (passive) 3D glasses, like the ones audience members get free at movie theatres. The glasses don’t need batteries, and are “flicker-free” compared to the active shutter glasses now commonly available for most home and commercial 3DTVs. LG says they don’t cause eye fatigue, either.

Most notable, though, is the price point. You can make back the cost of each pair of glasses with the sale of one beer to a happy customer who knows he’s getting the best audio video experience in town.

LG Electronics’ new LD950C is available with a sleek, glossy black finish. The 47-inch model is available now, with 55- and 65-inch models coming soon, we’ve heard.

JD Systems the First in New York to Offer 3D HDTV For Your Sports bar

JD Systems is proud to be the first audio video installer in the New York tri-state area to offer commercial 3D HDTV installations as part of a complete audio video package. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your sports bar audio video systems, now’s the time. Customers expect good sightlines and HDTV. You can be the first to give them something more with LG, JDSystems, and 3D HDTV with convenient, low-cost glasses.