Worship at Any Budget
published onMarch 27, 2013

Whether buying a house, car, electronics or just an outfit for a night on the town, a person always sets to task with a budget in mind. This remains the same in any commercial atmosphere no matter the industry type. Yes this includes non for profits as well as Houses of Worship.

So, if you are the head of a local House of Worship, what goes through your mind when you realize the congregation can no longer hear your sermon due to a faulty sound system? I would imagine first would be “Can it be repaired or do we need to replace?” Second would be, “How much is this going to cost?” Finally, “How long do I have before the choir has me lynched because no one can hear them either?”

If you have found yourself in this position you can rest easy because JD Pro has the answers for you. First, it depends on what parts are salvageable. Second, no matter what needs to be done, there is a system for any budget. Lastly, you have about a week before the choir has a lynch mob at your door so you better act fast. (Can you blame them? All the practice time they put in, I would want to be heard too!)

Now, most would cringe at the thought of replacing a part of the sound system, let alone the entire thing. I say fear not. It does not have to be that expensive. Most think a sound system could cost over 100k. Yes it can. But does it have to? The answer is NO. You need the proper system for you. If you are the type of establishment that has a full out band and a choir that can belt, yes for quality sound the cost can get up there. In most cases there is a great choir but not a 6 piece band including a drum set and Whitney Houston as the lead vocalist.

The idea of budgeting for a sound system is pretty simple. First, find what is wrong with what you have. Then figure what it is that you need. Ask yourself, “How much am I willing to spend?” Once that is all determined ask “If I spend a little more, will I appreciate the extra quality of the product?” Sometimes just a few extra bucks will get you to the next level of equipment. Other times the two levels are very far apart. The next level is not always necessary. If you have a room that can only hold 75 people, well, a soft whisper could be heard and there is no need for a big sound system.

In todays A/V world, there are many manufacturers and products to choose from. This means that a person can always find equipment in their price range. The line array design in JBL’s CBT series covers a lot of ground with fewer cabinets, thus, saving on labor as well as the purchase of more speakers. If the budget is extremely tight, well, the Yorkville Coliseum series arguably the best sound for a small ticket price. The BSS London Web has all the processing you need in just one rack space. And as for amplification, all the major manufacturers Crown, Crest and QSC have a model that will fall in your price range and still give the power your system will require.

In the end, it is the main decision maker of the house whom has to decide. Take the advice in, but understand where it is leading. Do not be sold a system that is over the top and its potential will never be reached. On the other hand do not sell it short because money will be wasted there as well. Get the right system for your budget. We can help you with that.